Mystical black and grey keyhole tattoo
Lace and rose tattoo
Bird and flower tattoo
Bird and flower watercolour Tattoo
Dog portrait tattoo
Lion jewel tattoo
I only had a vague idea of what tattoo I wanted, but Kelly helped me to develop the idea into a lovely design that I am really pleased with. The advice I got about the aftercare was really good, and following this advice has meant my tattoo has healed perfectly. We are currently planning my next tattoo together. 
Dragon tattoo
I have wanted a large tattoo for some time, but have never felt completely comfortable in an open studio environment. The privacy of the Queen of Ink studio is great, totally put me at ease. And having a female tattoo artist really clinched it for me. I am so glad I found this place. 
Rose and lace tattoo
The Queen of Ink studio is one of the cleanest and most hygienic I have ever visited. They use top quality products, which is evident in the quality of the tattoo. They are very friendly and helpful, and nothing is too much trouble. I am now booked in to have more work done. 
Feather tattoo
Pin up tattoo
Rose back tattoo
Lion Tattoo
Spartan helmet tattoo
Flower and lace tattoo
Audrey Hepburn tattoo
Peter pan tattoo
Jack nightmare before christmas tattoo
All seeing eye watercolour Tattoo
Hummingbird tattoo
Keyhole flower tattoo
Angel dove and rose Tattoo
Black raven bird tattoo
various tattoo
Rose tattoo
Rose tattoo
Elephant tattoo
Mandala tattoo
Tiger feather tattoo
Poppy tattoo
Macbeth lady tattoo
Black cat tattoo
Dolphin cover flower tattoo
Owl tattoo
Pistols and rose chest tattoo
Knight tattoo
Seahorse tattoo
Rose wrist tattoo
Hand jewel art deco tattoo
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